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CardioStress - Stress Test System

M300 Series - Pulse Oximeters

Key Features

  • Customized PC based Stress Test System
  • 17” Color touch screen TFT display
  • Steady baseline at higher heart rate
  • Highly accurate ST Levels computation
  • Clean ECG waveforms without muscle tremors
  • ST integral of all 12 leads
  • Medians can be refreshed at one second interval from 1 to 8 seconds
  • Data can be reviewed beat to beat with full disclosure for all 12 leads

Mediaid CardioStress Stress Test System comes with a comprehensive & user friendly software, Touch Screen interface, ruggedized Treadmill and a sleek rolling cart.

Treadmill :

  • Powerful DC motor with 6HP peak power capabilities
  • Smooth, noise free elevation
  • Anti skid side steps
  • Wide and long belt.
  • Enviornmental
    Operating Temp -5ºC to 50ºC
    Operating and Storage 0 to 95% non condensing
    Power Supply
    Input 230V AC +/- 10% @ 50Hz
    Power Consumption < 350V
    Display 17" TFT with Touchscreen
    Language English
    Alarm Audio Alarm for HR and St levelat pre Configured values
    QRS Beep On each QRS
    Network Facility of mailing the marked Reports to consultants
    Frequency Response 0.05 Hz to 100 Hz with notch @ 50 Hz
    Filter Facility of mailing the marked Reports to consultants
    Input Impedence 10 m ohm
    Time Constant >3.2 sec
    A/D Conversion 12 bit
    Noise < 20 micro Vp-p
    Leakage Current <10 micro Ampere
    Patient Isolation Optical isolation
    Gain 5,10,20 mm/mV selectable
    CMRR >120 dB
    Sweep Speed 25.0mm/S
    Accuracy of HR +/- 2BPM
    Sampling Frequency 250 samples per second simultaneous
    Operation User friendly keyboard
    Other Models St win standard, Stwinbasic, Stw-deluxe, all models available with blue toooth facilities
    Storage 12 lead unaveraged ECG, 10 second Rythm stripds opf 12 leads , medians after every 8 seconds along with hr, bp and fiducial points, full disclosure of entire test.
    Leads-Off Detection yes
    Protocols Pre programmed protocol including BRUCE, MODIFIED FRUCE, NAUGHTON, MODIFIED BALKe and user editable protocols
    Printouts Automatic and manual online printing with grid on/off facility.print color reports
    Power 230 V, 50 Hz, 15 A
    Power Consumption 1.5 KVA
    Incline Range 0-22 %
    Dimension L*W-1990*690 mm
    Walking Area 1400*500mm
    Weight 120 kg
    Patient Weight up to 250 kg
    Belt Speed smooth, 0-15kmph
    DC Motor for Speed 3HP

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