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M9000 Plus - Vital Signs Monitoring System

M9000 Plus - Vital Signs Monitoring System

Key Features

  • 10.4''color TFT with maximum 8 waveforms
  • Parameters includes 3/5 Lead ECG/RESP, SpO , NIBP, TEMP and Pulse Rate
  • Optional 2IBP, Cardiac Output, EtCO2 , Multi gas
  • Arrhythmia and ST segment analysis
  • Maximum 96-hour graphic and tabular trends of all parameters
  • Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients
  • SpO2 pulse-tone modulation (Pitch Tone)
  • Adjustable 10-level alarm sound
  • Microstream EtCO 2 / Sidestream EtCO2
  • Nurse call connection available
  • In-built rechargeable Battery
  • Alarm light

    Reviewable artery pulsation waveform
  • Handle/bedrail hook

    tabulated numerical data results
  • Sidestream EtCO2

    Blood pressure frequency histograms
  • External Multi

    Blood pressure frequency histograms
  • Large Font Display Mode

    Blood pressure frequency histograms
  • Trend Graph

    Blood pressure frequency histograms
  • Comprehensive Arrhythmia Review

    Blood pressure frequency histograms

Technical Specifications

Meet the requirements of IEC60601 series, CE marking according to MDD93/42/EEC
Dimension and Weight
Dimension: 310mm (W) x 280mm (H) x 150mm (D)
Weight: Standard Configuration: <5.5 kg)
AC Power Requirements: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
DC Power Requirements: 140VA
Temperature: 0-40°C
Humidity: 15-95%
Power: 140VA
Patient Range
Adult, pediatric and neonatal
Performance Specifications
Display: 10.4" color TFT(diagonal)
Resolution: 800x600
Trace: 8 waveforms
Sweep speed: 6.25mm/s, 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s
Indicator: Alarm indicator
Power indicator
QRS beep and alarm sound
Battery indicator
Lead-Acid: 75 minutes for continuous working
Lithium-ion: 150 minutes for countinuous working
Trend time: 0-96 hours
Alarm: 3-level audible and visual alarm
Networking: LAN/Wireless LAN to Mediaid Central Station
Wireless LAN: Operates on license free ISM (Industrial,
Scientific and Medical) 2.4~2.483GHz radio
frequency band IEEE 802.11b compliant
Recorder: Built-in, thermal array, 3 channels
Record width: 48mm, (record paper 50mm)
Record speed: 25mm/s, 50mm/s
Lead type: 5-lead and 3-lead selectable,
12-lead(including 3/5-lead) optional
Input: 10 leadwire cable:
RA; LA; RL; LL; V1-V6 or R; L; N; F; C1-C6
5 leadwire cable:
RA; LA; RL; LL; V or R; L; N; F; C
3 leadwire cable: RA; LA; LL or R; L; F
Lead selection: 12-lead: I; II; III; avR; avL; avF; V1-V6
5-lead: I; II; III; avR; avL; avF; V
3-lead: I; II; III
ECG waveform: 2 channels
Gain selection: x0.125;x0.25; x0.5; x1; x2; auto
Sweep speed: 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s
Heart Rate range: Adult: 15-300 bpm;
Neonate/ Pediatric: 15-350 bpm
Accuracy: ±1bpm or ±1%, whichever is greater
Resolution: ±1bpm
Bandwidth: Diagnostic mode: 0.05-100Hz or 0.05- 150Hz
(optional 12-lead)
Monitoring mode: 0.5-40 Hz
Surgical mode: 1-20Hz
Protection: Withstand 4000VAC/50Hz voltage in isolation
Against electrosurgical interference and defibrillation
Scaling signal: 1mV±5%
Alarm range: 15-350 bpm
S-T segment detection: Measurement range: -2.0mV~+2.0mV
Alarm range: -2.0mV~+2.0mV
Arrhythmia analysis: YES
Alarm: YES, audible and visual alarm,
Alarm events recallable
12 lead ECG analysis: YES
Pace detection: YES
Method: Thoracic impedance
Operation modes: Auto/ Manual
Measurement range: Adult: 0~120BrPM; Neonate/Pediatric: 0~150BrPM
Apnea alarm: YES
Alarm: YES, audible and visual alarm, alarm events recallable
Apnea alarm: YES
Method: Automatic oscillometric
Operation modes: Manual/Automatic/Continuous
Auto measure time: Adjustable
Measurement unit: mmHg/kPa selectable
Measurement types: Systolic, Diastolic, Mean
Measurement range:
Range of systolic pressure Adult Mode 40 - 270 mmHg
Pediatric Mode 40 - 200 mmHg
Neonatal Mode 40 - 135 mmHg
Range of diastolic pressure Adult Mode 10 - 210 mmHg
Pediatric Mode 10 - 150 mmHg
Neonatal Mode 10 - 100 mmHg
Range of mean pressure Adult Mode 20 - 230 mmHg
Pediatric Mode 20 - 165 mmHg
Neonatal Mode 20 - 110 mmHg
Accuracy of blood pressure measurement
The mean error shall be less than±5 mmHg The standard deviation shall be Less than 8 mmHg
Over-pressure protection: Double safety protection
Resolution: 1mmHg
Alarm: Systolic, Diastolic, Mean
Accuracy: mean error ±5mmHg
Standard deviation 8mmHg
Resolution: 1mmHg
PR from NIBP: Measurement range : 40~240 bpm
Resolution: 1 bpm
Accuracy: ±3bpm or ±3% whichever is greater
Measurement range 0-50°C
Resolution: 0.1°C
Accuracy: ±0.1°C (not including probe)
Channel: Dual-channel, provide T1; T2;ΔT
Alarm range: 0-50°C
Measurement range: 0~100%
Resolution: 1%
Accuracy: ±2% (70-100%, Adult/Pediatric);
±3% (70-100%, Neonate);
0-69% unspecified
Alarm range: 0~100%
Pulse rate: Range: 20~254 bpm
Resolution: 1bpm
Accuracy: ±3bpm(non-motion)
Measurement range: 0~100%
Resolution: 1%
Accuracy: ±2% (70-100%, Adult/Pediatric, non-motion);
±3% (70-100%, Neonate, non-motion);
±3% (70-100%, Adult/Pediatric/Neonate, motion);
0-69% unspecified
Alarm range: 1~100%
Pulse rate: Range: 25~240 bpm
Resolution: 1bpm
Accuracy: ±3bpm(non-motion) ±5bpm(motion)
Nellcor SpO2
Measurement range: 0~100%
Resolution: 1%
Accuracy: ± 2% (70-100%, MAX-A,MAX-AL,MAX-N,MAX-P, MAX-I
and MAX-FAST sensors);
±2.5% (70-100%, OxiCliq A,OxiCliq N,OxiCliq P
and OxiCliq I sensors);
±3% (70-100%, D-YS, DS
-100A, OXI-A/N and
OXI-P/I sensors); ±3.5% (70-100%, MAX-R, D-YSE and D-YSPD Sensors);
0-69% unspecified
Alarm range: 1~100%
Pulse rate: Range: 0~254 bpm
Resolution: 1bpm
Accuracy: ±3bpm(20-250 bpm) ;
251-300bpm unspecified
Alarm range: 0~254 bpm

Technical Specifications

Measurement range: -50~300mmHg
Channels: 2 channels
Pressure transducer: Sensitivity: 5μV/V/mmHg
Impedance range: 300-3000Ω
Transducer sites: ART, PA, CVP, RAP, LAP, ICP,P1,P2
Resolution: 1mmHg
Accuracy: ± 1mmHg or ±2%, whichever greater
Alarm range: -10~300mmHg
PR from IBP: Range & Accuracy:
25~200 bpm±1bpm or ± 1% whichever is greater
201~350 bpm ± 2%
Resolution: 1bpm
Method: Thermodilution
Measurement range: CO: 0.1-20 l./min.
TB: 23-43°C
TI: 0-27°C
Resolution: CO: 0.1 l./min.
Temperature: 0.1°C
Accuracy: CO: ±5% or 0.1l./min.
TB: ±0.1°C
TI: ± 0.1°C
PR from IBP: Range & Accuracy:
25~200 bpm ±1 BPM or ± 1% whichever is greater
201 ~350 bpm± 2%
Resolution: 1 bpm
Microstream CO2
CO range: 0-99mmHg
Accuracy: 0-38 mmHg ±2 mmHg
39-99 mmHg ±5% + 0.08% X (reading -38mmHg)
Resolution: Waveform: 0.1mmHg
Value: 1 mmHg
Initialization time: 30 seconds (typical), reaches ±5% steady-state
accuracy within 3minutes.
Response time: Typical value: 2.9s, including the rising time and the
delay time (adopting the FilterLine of standard length)
Rising time: <190ms(rising from 10% to 90%)
Delay time: 2.7s (typical value)
Respiration rate: 0-150 breaths/min
Respiration rate accuracy: 0-70BrPM ±1BrPM
71-120BrPM ±2BrPM
121-150BrPM ±3BrPM
Mode: Adult, neonate,Pediatric
Sidestream CO2
Measurement range:: 0-99mmHg
Accuracy: ±2mmHg (0-40 mmHg)
±5% of reading (41-76 mmHg)
±10% of reading (77-99 mmHg)
Sampling rate: 70 ml/min,100ml/min
Sampling rate accuracy: ±15% or 15ml/min
Start-up time: 30Sec.The module enters the warming up status
after the startup.
1minute later, it enters the ready-to-measure status
Mode: 10 minutes after start-up,
the module reaches full accuracy mode
Respiration rate: 0-120 rpm
Respiration rate accuracy: ±2 BrPM (0-70 BrPM )
±5 BrPM (>70 BrPM )
Respiration time: When measured with a neonatal watertrap
and a 2.5 m-long
neonatal sampling line:
<3.5s @ 100ml/min
<4 s @ 70 ml/min
When measured with an adult watertrap
and a 2.5 m-long adult
sampling line:
<5.5 s @ 100 ml/min
<7 s @ 70 ml/min
Delay time: When measured with a neonatal watertrap
and a 2.5m-long neonatal sampling line:
<3 s @ 100 ml/min
<3 s @ 100 ml/min
When measured with an adult watertrap
and a 2.5m-long adult
sampling line:
<5 s @ 100 ml/min
<6.5 s @ 70 ml/min
External Muti-Gas/O2
Method: Infrared Absorption
Gas sorts: EtCO , N O, Des, Iso, Enf, Sev,
Hal O (optional, paramagnetic sensor)
Measurement range: EtCO : 0~30%(0~76mmHg)
N O: 0~105%
O : 0~105%
Enf, Iso, Hal: 0~30%v Sev: 0~30%
Des: 0~30%
AwRR: 2-100BrPM
Resolution: CO : 0.1% (1mmHg)
N O: 1%
O : 0.1% (1mmHg)
Enf, Iso, Hal, Sev, Des: 0.01%
Resp rate: 1BrPM
Data output: Fi and Et Values
Respiration rate: 4~60 ± 1 BrPM
Other: Up to 4 waveforms displayed
Agent mixture detection
MAC value displayed

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