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The Holter System - CardioCare 30 and 120

CardioCare 30 and 120

Mediaid CardioCare series Holter system combines advanced techniques to deliver unprecedented diagnostic capabilities. Every detail from recorder design to system software includes techniques to deliver near perfect results. Leading technology, outstanding performance and functionality have made the CardioCare series the most advanced user-friendly system available.

  • Operator login system to prevent illegal entry, which ensures confidentiality of patient
  • Receive data in 30 seconds and can automatically analyze in 10 seconds
  • QRS detection with four categories of wave-form recognition: ventricular, supra-ventricular, normal and artifact. Every QRS waveform is categorized and marked to ensure the accuracy of the analyzed results.
  • Flexible and streamlined operation of editing QRS waves are viewed in singles, rows, lines or by complete category.
  • The beat by beat editing tool applies redefinition, deleting and classification is quick and convenient.
  • The easy-to-operate measuring tools provide “gauge” functions
  • Comprehensive ST segment report with each ST segment episode that includes deviation, slope, duration and heart rate.
  • Comprehensive analyzing functions. In addition to the advanced arrhythmia and ST segment analysis, the system includes heart rate variability (HRV) time domain, frequency domain and nonlinear / analysis, pacemaker analysis, QTc analysis, atrial fib / auxiliary analysis, sleeping respiratory analysis, SAECG time domain and frequency domain analysis, heart rate turbulence and much more.
  • Browsing ECG data can be viewed in many modes, including standard ECG, ECG thumbnail and page scanning. When browsed in ECG thumbnail and page scanning, applied colors are used and can be redefined to denote normal, artifact, ventricular beat, supra-ventricular beat and pacing rhythm makes it easy to interpret.
  • Abundant graphs, charts, statistical tables and category-specific histograms.
  • The diagnosis notes can be edited and printed on the summary page of the report.
  • The user has full control over the customization of the color, style, editing and printing of the report.
  • Print reports with the institution’s logo and facility information.
  • Logical on-screen command buttons are easy to understand.
  • The multi-functional software analysis can process multiple tasks simultaneously. When one is editing or browsing, the systems software is calculating and adjusting all the changes and editing automatically.
  • The system can automatically generate various typical diagnostic strips with classification, time of occurrence, heart rate and beat annotations. You can conveniently choose to print any event or insert additional ECG-strip information.
Detecting Channel
  • CardioCare 30 : 3-channel ECG
  • CardioCare 120 : 12-lead ECG
  • Independent pacemaker detection
  • Battery voltage recording channel
Patient Input Configuration
  • CardioCare 30: 5 electrodes
  • CardioCare 120 :10 electrodes
Input Dynamic Range ±5 mV ECG, ±300 mV DC offset voltage
Input Impedance > 10 MΩ
Common Mode Rejection ≥ 80 dB
Gain Accuracy Maximum amplitude error ≤ 10 %
System Noise < 50 μVp-v
Frequency Response 0.05 Hz ~ 40 Hz (±3 dB)
Minimum Feature Size 50 μVp-v
Sample Rate Up to 10000 Hz/channel
A/D Resolution 12 bits
Recording Time 24 hours (48 / 72 hours, optional)
Storage Medium SD card
Memory Size 1 GB or more
Battery 1 x AAA alkaline battery
Dimensions 65.5 mm × 52 mm × 18 mm
Weight 50 g (excluding battery)
Safety Type Type B applied parts
PC Minimum Requirements Pentium III 500 MHz or higher, 1024×768 resolution
System Requirements Windows 9x/2000/XP/Vista/Win 7
  • The ‘pager’ sized durable mini-recorder can be put into your pocket. The compact design allows patients to go about their daily activities without being burdened by the utilization of the recorder
  • Highly advanced integration design allows a compact conformation to improve reliability and is shock and vibration resistant.
  • Advanced designed amplifier and A/D convertor circuits allows the signal fidelity index to exceed traditional standards. The sampling rate can be adjusted up to 100Hz. The resolution can be as high as 1/4096, which not only allows a superior high quality ECG, but also reflects the changes in ST segment as well as SAECG.
  • Data storage utilizes advanced Scard technology. This technology allows for a more compact configuration for storage of all ECG data.
  • The designed tructure ensures the Scard cannot be dislodged at any time. Unsuccessful recording is avoided.
  • International standard electrode placements (5 electrodes/3 chan- nel, 10 electrodes/12 lead)
  • Independent pacemaker detection channel with highest sampling rate up to 10000Hz.
  • Pre or Post record patient information into the system jointly with the patient diary, to provide auxiliary reference for the analysis of ECG.
  • The quality of patient hook-ups can be previewed “live” to increase data quality and ensure valuable clean data, which effectively lowers artifact and reduces re-testing.
  • Preset the patient’s information into the recorder to avoid confu- sion, universal design suits facilities with multiple recorders.
  • The USB 2.0 technology allows fast playback within 30 seconds, which greatly improves efficiency.
  • One AAA size alkaline battery allows recording for 2 hours.
  • The Mediaid software’s structural technology allows seamless and endless potential to update future analysis.

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