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M6 ASTER - Vital Signs Monitoring System

M6 <sup>ASTER</sup> - Vital Signs Monitoring System


  • 12.1 inch Color TFT Display with 9 waveforms
  • Parameters includes ECG/RESP, SpO , NIBP,
  • Optional : IBP, EtCO2
  • Arrhythmia Analysis, S-T segment analysis, HR
    analysis, NIBP and SPO2 combined analysis.
  • 72 hours trend data display and 2880 NIBP data
  • Direct, Reverse and Quick NIBP measurement modes
  • Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient
  • Networking capability
  • Protection function for NIBP over-range
  • Built-in rechargeable Battery


Mediaid M6ASTER – The 'state-of-the-art' Vital Sign Monitoring System for
reliable & accurate data-acquisition.

Full-featured audible and visual alarms ensure accurate extended, unattended monitoring. The optional fully-integrated internal printer produces high quality hard copies of graphic trends, tabular trends, and sleep summary reports at user-defined intervals.

Standards: Meets the requirements of - IEC60601
Dimension and Weight
Dimension: 330mm (W) x 280mm (H) x 150mm (D)
Weight: 6.5kg
Operation Environment  
Power: AC 110--220V, 50/60 Hz
Temperature: 5-40 °C
Humidity: ≤80%
Scope: Adult, pediatric and neonatal
Performance Specifications
Display: 12.1" color TFT
Resolution: 800 x 600
Trace: 9 waveforms
Sweep speed: 6.25, 12.5, 25, 50 mm/sec
Indicator: Alarm indicator, Power indicator, QRS beep and alarm sound
Interface: Net Port
Battery: Rechargeable
Trend time: 1-72 hours
Alarm: 3-level audible and visual alarm
Networking: Can be connected to central monitoring system
Recorder: Built -in, thermal array
5-lead selectable

5-lead: RA; LA; RL; LL; C
ECG waveform: 7 Channels
Gain selection: x0.5; x1; x2; x4
Sweep speed: 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s
Heart Rate range: Adult: 15-300bpm;
Pediatric/Neonatal: 15-350bpm
Accuracy: ±2bpm or ±2%, whichever is greater
Resolution: 1bpm
Protection: Withstand 4000VAC/50Hz voltage
in isolation.Against electrosurgical
interference and defibrillation
Lead selection: I; II; III; avR; avL; avF; V
CMRR: 85 dB
Calibration signal: 1mV±5%
Operation modes: Diagnostic, Monitor, Surgery
Bandwidth: 0.05-75 Hz
Alarm range: Adult: 0-300bpm,
Pediatric/Neonatal: 0-350bpm
S-T detection: YES
Measurement range: -1.0mV~1.0mV
Alarm range: -1.0mV~1.0mV
Arrhythmia analysis: YES
Lead selection: I; II; III; avR; avL; avF; V
Pacemaking analysis: YES
Alarm: YES, audible and visual alarm,
alarm events recallable
Method: RA-LL impedance
Measurement range: Adult: 1-99 rpm,
Pediatric/Neonatal: 1-99 rpm
Resolution: 1 rpm
Accuracy: ± 2 rpm
Alarm range: Adult: 1-99 rpm,
Pediatric/Neonatal: 1-99 rpm
Method: Oscillometric
Operation modes: Manual/Automatic
Measurement unit: mmHg/kPa selectable
Measurement types: Systolic, Diastolic, Mean
Measurement range: Systolic: 40-300 mmHg,
Diastolic: 10-220 mmHg,
Mean: 20-240 mmHg
Over-pressure protection: YES
Resolution: 1mmHg
Accuracy: Mean error and standard deciation
Alarm: Systolic: 40-240 mmHg,
Diastolic: 10-180 mmHg,
Mean: 20-200 mmHg
Measurement range: 0-45 °C
Resolution: 0.1 °C
Accuracy: ±0.2 °C ( including probe )
Channel: Dual - channel
Alarm range: 0-45 °C
SpO Specification
Measurement range: 0-100 %
Resolution: 1 %
Accuracy: ± 2digit (80~100%);
± 3digit (60~79 %);
0~60% unspecified
Alarm range: 0-100 %
Pulse rate
Range:: 0-254bpm
Resolution: 1bpm
Accuracy: ± 2bpm or ± 2% whichever is greater
Alarm range: 0-254bpm

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