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Key Features

  • Speed - No application of tape or velcro
    needed for most studies utlizing the PPG
  • Uniform Application - Same pressure applied
  • Sanitary - The sensor and clip can be easily
  • Flexible - Accommodates all patient types,
    from the very large to the very small
  • Calibrated Dual Channel Pulse Volume
    Recording (C-PVR™)
  • Unsurpassed Clinical Accuracy
  • Unparalled Ease of Use
  • Easily Custom-configurable Studies and
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Network Compliant (DICOM)
  • Spectral Doppler Option

Interpretation Manual for Basic Physiologic Testing, MultiLab Series II Operator’s Manual and items pictured above supplied in the standard configuration Infrared Temperature Instrument optional on both LHS and LHS-TI models

Sample Printed Reports Waveforms are never compromised by averaging or resizing. This attention to detail ensures that all aspects of each waveform are clearly displayed and reports are the most accurate available.

General Specifications

Instrument Features
17” Flat touch screen color monitor
Pentium or Equivalent CPU w/Hard Disk Drive
DVD Writerr and 3 ½” floppy drive
Windows XP Operating System
Color Inkjet Printer (Hewlett Packard usually supplied, HP laser printer optional)
Custom Design Cart
Built-in hospital Isolation Module with Main Power Switch
Stereo Headphones (customer option)
14 Unetixs Pressure cuffs (assorted sizes)
Stereo Doppler
Full Function Remote Control
Bilateral Testing Capabilities
Custom Software-configurable Test Protocols and Reports
The MultiLab Series 2 LHS/IMG designed to perform all standard non-invasive arterial and venous studies incorporating:
8 MHz Bidirectional Doppler Probe
5 MHz Bidirectional Doppler Probe
Calibrated Dual Channel Pulse Volume Recording (C-PVR )
Dual Channel Photopelthysmography

Electronic Cuff Manifold Features
10-Cuff Simultaneous Hookup
Full-functionRemote Control for Automatic Inflation, Deflation, Capture, forward,
Back, Scrolling and more
Cart Dimensions
Base Size 20”w x 24”d x 40”h (dose not include monitor height)
Latching Storage Drawer, 18”w x 6”h x 20”d
Printer Shelf
Tower CPU Compartment
Approx Weight Complete : 155 lbs
Power: AC only, 115V 50/60Hz (Note: can be supplied with other voltages)
Integrated Full-Function Keyboard
Design and system specifications subject to change/cnhancement without notice.
System components and accessories may not appear as shown.
The following are trademarks of their respective owners:
Deskjet of Hewlett Packard Corporation, Microsoft Windows XP
The following are trademarks of their respective owners:
Deskjet of Hewlett Packard Corporation, Microsoft Windows XP

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