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Revo - The One Touch PAD Solution



  • Automated Diagnostic ABI in as Little as
    5 Minutes
  • Direct Printing of Full Page Color Reports
  • Dual Channel C-PVR™ (Calibrated Pulse
    Volume Recording)
  • Composite TruDop® Doppler Probes
  • Ultra-sensitive PPG
    (Photoplethysmography) Probes
  • Full Color, High Resolution Touch Screen
  • Windows XP Operating System

THE REVO® 1100

Physicians and technologists asked us to develop an automated but affordable system for diagnosing PAD. They wanted a touch screen user interface, an internal processor running Windows XP, full-page color reports, and dualchannel capabilities

Revo® delivers on every count, and so much more. This revolutionary system incorporates all of the leading edge technology of our world renowned MultiLab® systems, but at a price that is affordable for a single physician practice.

Revo’s® two channel technology enables you to perform bilateral simultaneous testing. The intuitive interface takes you step-by-step through each examination. Direct connect full page printing provides high quality color reports. And Revo® is manufactured in the United States by UNETIXS INC. VASCULAR, a company recognized worldwide as a leader in vascular instrumentation since 1988.


Doppler tracings can be difficult to obtain. Revo® offers a complete single level arterial exam utilizing C-PVR™. With this dual channel modality, waveform quality is not dependent on the training or skill level of the technologist/medical assistant. C-PVR™ provides readable, consistent, and reproducible waveforms in every study.

Diabetics and those patients with incompressible arteries at the ankle level can be diagnosed by obtaining Toe Pressures and the calculation of the Toe Brachial Index. Revo’s® dual channel capability makes this process quick and easy.

Featuring Unetixs’ hallmark touch screen controls, Revo® is simple, fast, and efficient. Pressure measurements are determined through hands free technology called PPG (photoplethysmography) or the innovative TruDop® Doppler probe.


The Revo® Interface

Sample Revo® Full Page Color Report


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